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Battery replacement options

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I looked for a current thread on replacing a Brutus battery. I have a 2013HD and have been amazed since I purchased it in 2015 that I have never had to replace the battery. Well, that came to an end this evening - it was not a slow death, it up & died.

I pulled the battery out, it has July 2012 as the "put in service date" sticker. If I knew I could get 11 years again out of a dealer purchased replacement, I would pay top dollar. Problem is, there were absolutely no markings other than the P/N 4014132. Not including my cars, trucks & motorcycles - I must have 15-20 pieces of equipment I use to maintain my land that requires a starting battery. I do the musical chairs trickle charging in my shop during the winter months for my tractors, diesel zero turn, ATV's unloader, snowblower, etc. I started buying higher quality batteries about 4-5 years ago as it became frustrating to not have the equipment I needed "ready to go" I can't say it has saved me money yet, but it sure has saved time and has been nice to not go battery shopping as often.

Okay, the question - Any suggestion on a quality replacement for the Brutus OEM 4014132? Has anyone purchased an Optima Redtop replacement? Comments? I have seen comments on this forum about not going to an AGM or sealed battery as the alternator may not be sufficient to charge them. Since I don't have much electrical need while the unit is in use (no stereo, led lights if using at night, hydraulic power steering vs electric, etc) I am not concerned with this different type of battery. In all my decades around equipment I have found vibration is not good for a battery's longevity -hence the AGM & sealed preference on my part.

If anyone has suggestions, using just OEM, Optima redtop or another high end battery, what model number are you using? I would love to hear first hand Brutus owners insights on this topic.

Thanks members!

Kirk Camoriano -

BTW, See crazy me pulling a 4k lb boat & trailer up my hill to my barn on YouTube it is under "Brutus pulling a load" I would NOT suggest using Brutus to bring it back down - you might see a Brutus speed record along with skid marks from more than the equipment! lolol
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As I mentioned in the old thread, OEM battery is 32AH/575CCA (Polaris #4014132-P), appears to be a standard flood-filled battery with post terminals, left post positive.

After creating that thread, I splurged on a better grade of "battery tender" and brought my original battery back to functionality. When I need to replace the battery, I'll go with the Interstate model MT-26 (2 year warranty)
Thanks for your response Kevin! I ended up purchasing an Opitma brand Redtop battery. I have experienced good service with them in my diesel tractor, work truck, etc. Should I have any commitments on its use on/in my Brutus, I will be sure to add them to the forum.
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