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Hi All,

I'm new to the forum and a new Brutus owner as of last night. I stumbled across this group when I was doing some research and saw several posts about the air conditioning and cooling issues that caught my attention. I specifically chose the Brutus because I have a horse farm in Florida and will be using it to drag/finish mow the jumping field, feed, etc. in the dead heat of the summer. I'm curious to know if those of you with newer machines are satisfied with the AC and its output. I'm about 6 weeks out from factory delivery and my dealer said I can cancel the order up until delivery if I'm not satisfied with the feedback I get from other owners. I'd love to hear about your experiences because I'm otherwise very excited about this machine and I'd really like this to work out! TIA!

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Chapter 15: HVAC Control Circuit Operation / Theory (Page 31)

You want "Chapter_15_Electrical.pdf".

Polaris Brutus - HVAC Control Circuit Operation / Theory (Page 31)
Power is supplied to the HVAC system through the 30 amp fuse found in its own fuse holder outside of the main fuse box under the center console. The condenser fan is powered by a 20 amp circuit breaker through the condenser fan relay. The HVAC relay is powered by the 30 Amp HVAC fuse. When they key is in the ON position, the HVAC relay is energized. Power is sent on the Red/Green wires to the blower switch, the temperature knob (temp pot 10k) and the water valve. Power only travels from the blower switch to the AC switch on the white wire when the knob is in the low, medium or high setting. If the AC switch is ON, power is sent out on the blue wire to power the condenser fan relay and the thermostat on the AC evaporator. The evaporator thermostat will send power on the white wire to the HPCO (high pressure cut-out) switch located in the AC hose. The switch is normally closed. When the switch is closed, power is sent to the AC compressor. When the pressure in the AC line gets too high, the switch opens and the compressor cycles off. The condenser fan will always be running when the AC system is on and it is powered by a 20 Amp circuit breaker just outside the relay box.​
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