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Air Conditioner

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The air conditioner in my 2016 Brutus blows hot air. The air cleaner on it is new and the condenser is washed clean. Any advice?
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Last year or the year before I bought a can of AC recharge stuff at Walmart, the can came with the gauge and hose, (you only need to buy the gauge and hose thing once) I unscrewed the blue cap under the center of the dash near your right foot toes when you are driving. I ended up putting 2 cans of recharge stuff in and had great AC again, last week I did the same thing again, but only had to use one can.
I bought several can in the clearance isle last winter.
The instructions say wear eye protection, long sleeves and gloves, I did, I didn't have any problems and watched a few you tube vids before I did it the first time. wear eye protection incase you screw up, you don't want a frozen eyeball.
The gauge gets set to the outside temp and you keep shaking the can an tilting it like the instructions say, it has you let off the button that squirts the stuff in several times to check how much you putting in, DON'T over fill.
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My 2013 is still blowing cold air you should never have to charge an AC system unless there’s a leak.If you go to a place that specializes in AC work they can put a dye in and use a special black light to help find the leak
I had this same problem. Flipped the switch on the dashboard, the green light never came on.

Pulled out the AC control panel (removed two Torx screws at the bottom), and the wiring harness connected to the AC on/off switch on the dashboard had come loose (probably started to loosen when I pulled the dashboard to install my add-on switch last year).

Plugged it back in, and all is good.
Manual says to add .85 pounds of 134 which is wrong. Does anyone know how much 134 is needed for a complete recharge? This for a 2014 Brutis.
Tom Johnson
Ac problem

The manual says the high pressure cut out switch is normally closed completing the circuit to the compressor I also learned that if the pressure is low the switch will be open all I had to do is add the refrigerant and everything started working perfectly again
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AC problem tried to run ac on my 2016 and it smoked the belt off anyone else have this problem
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