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Adjusting Alternator and A/C belt tension.

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Last year I noticed that the alternator and A/C belts were loose. I grabbed my socket set and figured it would only take 10-15 minutes to easily adjust them.

After 15 minutes it dawned on me that I was working on a Polaris/Bobcat product and they tend to hang parts in midair by fishing line and build the rest of the machine around them. In other words you have to take apart the entire machine to adjust the belts. So I gave up on that last year.

This year I stopped at a friends mechanic shop and after bringing over around 15 tools, they got the right combination of extensions, breaker bars, sockets and with all the strength the both of them have they got the bolts to break loose and adjusted the belt tensions, only took 45 minutes, 3 cuss words and 2 bleeding wounds, (1 each).

Kind of reminds me of a 1970's car that you had to disconnect the motor mount and jack up the engine to replace a spark plug once a year, or my wife's 2007 Ford Five Hundred, to replace the back sparkplugs you have to remove either the intake or exhaust manifold and put the car on a lift. Only $300 for that.
Anyway, its fixed and $27 later I was driving away with no bruises or missing blood.
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I remember doing this I literally had to hole saw a hole into the plastic skid plate to get my wrench on the back nut ! I commend you both for using so if you cuss words
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