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Snowplow Size

i am planning to purchase snow plow. Any recommendations or experience with a 66" vs 72" snow plow? Thanks in advance for any comments.
IMHO I would go with the smaller one as I have a loop driveway & lots of obstacles to plow around. Also much easier on your machine if you have a heavy wet snow.

If you have wide open area, cement or blacktop driveway and mostly lighter fluffy snow, then the larger one is fine.

I preferred my 54" JD on the tractor vs my 72 on my Bobcat I had before as it was much easier to plow with.

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Either one should be fine-- the Polaris branded snow blade is 69" with a fully angled width of 59.8".

With the narrower blade, you may find that when you fully angle the blade, the plowed path is so much narrower than the Brutus wheel track (64") that you lose traction due to tires being outside the cleared path.
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