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The Brutus has the fuse and relays that are hidden underneath the arm rest panel where the PTO throttle and hydraulic controller is located. There are 10 relays and 12 fuses ranging from 15 amp to 30 amp and you would never find them by looking at the owners manual. You have to take the four plastic jam nuts out (two located at the bottom front and two at the back on either side). Remove the plastic knob on the PTO throttle and the flexible rubber from the rest panel and it will just be up the hydraulic controller when you lift the arm rest panel up out of the way, The fuse and relay box is located on the driver's side of the opening when you have the arm rest up out of the way. A lot of the Brutus owners have trouble with it overheating and it is usually the relay that runs the fan motor on the radiator out front and it is an easy replacement. To beat the inconvenience of getting to the fuse box I have wired in a lighted switch with a 30 amp inline fuse and cured the overheating situation. It only takes about a minute to cool down the radiator when the overheat light comes on and if I am working hard I leave the fan running and it saves the inconvenience of replacing the relay. I have fifteen hundred hours on my Brutus and my neighbour has a landscaping company and he has nine of the attachments of the 19 that are available for it. I only have the blower and blade and do a lot of repairs for him and if they are not in use I have access to them when I have a need for them. It is a real workhorse when you get to know how to use it. We live on an acreage here in Alberta and the best time I have done in clearing driveways and the subdivision road is 42 driveways and I was back in the house in just over four hours. I put a foot , of an extension on one side of the blade and a foot of puck-board above the blade so I have an 80 inch blade that will really push a lot of snow. Frank
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