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Hi Guys,

My first post here, thanks for all of the information you all have posted over the years.

Here is the problem I am having with my Brutus.

Randomly when you go to start it, it will not start. What happens is that nothing lights up on the dash, and you do not even hear the relay click under the console.

A little history on the machine.

Purchased from a dealer in Minnesota that was selling it as a DEMO model. Paid over $13,0000. It had about 70 miles on it and 40 hours(which I found strange, the hours seemed high compared to the miles).

Did not purchase a warranty(kicking myself now!)

Got it back to our property and not less than 1 hour later the starter seized up. Took it to the local starter rebuilder who told me that it had water inside. He rebuilt it and it has worked fine since.

Then less than a another hour of use later after we drive it to another location on our property it will not start. Turn the key and nothing.
I of course tested the battery(all good), checked all the connections etc. Gave it the jiggle test too, lol. Still nothing. Decided to pull the center console and check the fuses and relays.

Opened the center console and found that there was a relay for the starter and also a relay next to it for the tilt steering. I swapped them and walla! It started right up, also swapped them back and it still started(Weird right?)

Fast forward a week, and again less than an hour of use and same problem. Ended up leaving the machine sitting in the woods overnight, came back in the morning and walla starts right up!

Bought 2 new relays installed them and used it about 8 hours over the weekend, no problems. Then take it out to make a quick run over to the other property turn it off, come back and again wont start. Ended up pushing it back to our property, jumped back on after we pushed it back and walla it starts up.

My only guess is that it is some sort of electrical gremlin, what concerns me the most is that this was a Demo model, and the fact that the starter had ingested water. The starter is located approximately 20 inches off the ground, almost the same height as the relays in the center console. I'm wondering if during its "Demo" days someone took it 21 inches deep in the water and submerged a bunch of the electrical components.

If you made it this far and have any thoughts please let me know.


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Check your grounding wires very thoroughly!!
I would unbolt, clean with wire brush & re-bolt with a bit of No-Ox electrical grease to prevent corrosion.

I have dealt myself with the electrical gremlins & usually it turns out to be a ground issue.

Also sometimes batteries will fail, especially the older ones, many are only good 1 year like garden tractor batteries.
These can also give you fits!

Good luck!
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