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Newbie here-

I purchased my 2013 Polaris Brutus HD/PTO last year from an estate. 98 hrs and 100.5 miles since new and came with a snowblower. It mostly sat during its life. I pulled it into my shop last winter, obtained a factory service manual and began to change all fluids and filters. In addition, I cleaned out the fuel tank, as there was algae in the bottom and I had a stalling issue after changing the fuel filter and transfer pump.

Question: according to the manual, the rear gearbox takes 41 oz of Polaris gearbox fluid. I drained out about 32 oz and was only able to put in 32 oz before fluid came out through the fill hole. My shop floor is level concrete so that isn't an issue. Should I be concerned?

Also changing the front gearbox fluid. Had to lower the pto assembly to get at the drain plug. Plug is really in there, so I sprayed PB blaster locally and am going to let it set overnight. I don't want to strip it out. Anyone else have this problem?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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