Polaris Brutus Forum - Ketchn's Album: Trail riding, mowing Bobcat 3650
Trail riding, mowing Bobcat 3650
Just some of my photos of the Bobcat 3650.
filling up the bed as we are back working on the trail.
Load in the bucket and bed, it handled it just fine, I could of filled the bed with no problems.
Working on the trail
Opening up the snow bank so Dad can get down to the lake easier. Hard packed snow from the past 3 months, no problem at all, lots of power.
My wife driving down an ATV trail, doing around 25mph. 
We have to put a cushion behind her so she can reach the pedals as the drivers seat has no...
Inside of the Bobcat 3650. 
Orange handle is for setting the throttle so the RPM of the attachment is correct, the yellow is for the PTO, joystick...
Mowing at the farm.  My old subcompact tractor didn't have a suspension, my back is real bad and couldn't take the jostling around and pounding...
My Mother took a picture of me on the trails.
Mowing at the farm, I mow around 15-20 acres.
I was mowing the fields with the Bobcat, and using my subcompact tractor with 4' bush cutter to clean up brush around the edges of the fields.  The...
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