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I have the same model and they named it Brutus for a reason, this machine is a workhorse. I unfortunately bought my 2013 from a person that didn't have a clue about maintaining a vehicle like this and by the time I bought it many things needed to be replaced right away. I had an electrical issue right from the start with my battery unable to hold a charge and a year later I'm still fighting this issue. I had the alternator checked which was fine, pumping out 90A just like it is suppose to. Bought a new battery but not the OEM and I discovered thru this forum that I probably didn't get the right battery for the charging rate of my alternator so I bought the OEM battery a month ago and it holds a charge much longer but still eventually discharges with use. I have a theory that my problem is related to when the radiator fan turns on and it puts a big drain on the battery, not sure why. The relay turns on and off appropriately and the engine cools efficiently but still a drain on the system. Nobody has been able to tell me why and I am left a bit frustrated because I cannot use it the way it was designed. I hope you are not experiencing the same issue but one thing I can guarantee, if you are looking for a machine to perform work and not to go bombing down the trail at 40mph you will not be disappointed. Do your maintenance and the engine will run forever! Good Luck.
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