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Brutus in the uk

Hi guys,
The Brutus didn't really sell very well in the uk for several reasons, however it is the perfect machine for my business and I was lucky enough to get one last year as Polaris uk had one still in the crate from 2013.
It was a Brutus HD with the Yanmar engine, and I had the pto fitted afterwards. I use it with the Polaris rotary mower, front forks and a bucket.
I found this forum last week as I need to service it and I could get all the parts except for the hydraulic oil, so I need to know what you would use if you don't buy the Polaris hydraulic oil, as I couldn't find a spec anywhere?
Also are there any upgrades I need to know about? I've read a bit about the HT Spring and my dealer has ordered me the newer version, but is there anything else?
Also what is the top speed and rpm should I be looking at when idling? It's a bit sluggish, which I expect from a hydrostatic, but just want to make sure its operating where it needs to be.
Anything you can tell me to look out for would be greatly appreciated as I need to keep it for a long time!
Many thanks,
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