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Well.. I have 3750 RPM with the PTO throttle, but was unable to get that with the forward pedal, only 3650 RPM there and 3200 RPM with the reverse pedal. Low idle is 1750 RPM. Still managed 30 MPH on level road.

Uphill here is a steep proposition with sections of road at a 45 degree incline. The Brutus managed 10 MPH up those in low gear.

I have the modified command lever per Interceptor's picture in place. While adjusting for forward RPM I noticed the plate flexing at the cable adjustment location. My assumption is that cable is too short of travel as well.

That's my findings and two full days of chasing adjustments trying to get the horse power and torque the engine has to give if only the control cables had the travel to get it.
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