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Throttle Control Cables

Just curious, I'll bet those of you who have a good low idle per spec 1250 RPM have no more than 3400RPM high idle and conversely if you have a good high idle 3750 RPM your low idle is about 1900 RPM.

I would have never believed my stock Brutus could make 30 MPH on level ground. It did today because I made sure I had the spec maximum high idle RPM of 3750 when I floored on the forward pedal.

Here is the deal, the throttle cable at the fuel control stroke is too short to give you both the proper low and high idle. It is a good thing the cable mount is not solid. It can easily be tweaked by bending it closer for better low idle or pulled farther away from the fuel control for a better high idle. Because that cable is short of the needed stroke, it does not give you both low and high idle correctly.

My engine throttle independent of the cable gives me exactly 1250 low and 3750 high idle as it came from the factory. Now the only place you will get your 27 HP and max torque is at 3750 RPM.

More Later.
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